Ghannouchi Denies Taking Part in Jordanian Mediation in Egyptian Crisis

Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi has denied reports that he took part in an event during Ramadan hosted by a cousin of Jordan’s King Abdullah as part of a plan to reach a settlement for the crisis in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military. The head of Tunisia’s Ennahda movement told Quds Press that he did not attend any “iftar” (breaking of the fast) hosted by Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammed, who manages and supports international institutions related to Muslims scholars.

The veteran Islamist dismissed “unfounded rumours” about such a meeting and consequent scenarios related to reaching an agreement over the escalating crisis between the Brotherhood and the Egyptian military. Nevertheless, he reiterated his belief that it is important to make every effort to stop bloodshed in Egypt.

“I have previously announced my full readiness to participate in any action that would halt the Egyptian bloodshed, and my support for reconciliation efforts that would preserve Egypt’s security, stability and democratic experience,” explained Ghannouchi. “I am still ready to make any possible effort for this purpose, since the stability of Egypt and stopping the bloodshed in it is a noble goal that deserves to be pursued.”

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